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Downtown Tucson's Ultra Lounge

come vibe.

Located in the heart of downtown tucson, az.

welcome to highwire

Nick Wayne Eggman Owner

Nick is a Tucson native with strong roots in the city, with a background in both business and real estate, his keen eye for perfection brings an atmosphere that elevates the HighWire experience. Nick’s ability to put together one of the top teams in the industry has made Highwire the top places to experience new cocktail match ups from the molecular to the traditional.

Highwire’s team focuses on unique creations tailored to each guest giving them a personal experience like no other in downtown. The hard work of Nick and his team has paid off with award winning cocktails, invitations to Carnival of Cocktails in Phoenix, and many more great events here in Tucson and abroad.

Nick and his team are excited to combine their experience in making HighWire Lounge one of the shining stars lighting up downtown Tucson.

once it hits your lips...

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Vibe Makers

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What They Say

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No.3 King St, LA



(+84) 123 4567

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